As a young 7 year old Sandaru was placed in a special needs home to live amongst some of Sri Lanka’s greatest outcasts. Her only malady is a permanent limp in her walk.  Her father died when she was a small child leaving her hardworking mother to care for her with very meager resources.  After spending far too many years living in this type of environment yet doing an absolute stellar job in her studies and with her attitude, she is back home with her mother.  Sandaru was a true favorite for many of our team members as she exhibited such potential while flashing her beautiful smile.  HFSV helped provide any additional resources and schooling possible to try to propel this lovely girl to a future life where her dreams could come to fruition. Now 23 years of age she is exploring a career in graphic design.

To support her efforts through a donation please write “Sandaru” on the memo line within the PayPal donation platform.

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