A story of perseverance


Due to complications of meningitis contracted while giving birth, this woman from Colombo, Sri Lanka was ditched at a home for special needs people by her husband unwilling to care for her.  Now paralyzed from the waist down, she was left to mourn the death of her child who died at the age of 6 months.  She has lived in this same facility since 1981; sharing it with people who have Downs Syndrome, autism, neurological disabilities, nearsightedness, a limp and other varieties of challenges. Some severe and others minor.  But some confined to this facility seemingly due to their place in society.

As the waves from the 2014 SE Asian tsunami washed through this home, Kusama clung to a tree for dear life as companions all around her died.  She was eventually saved by some of the same residents and staff.  “I can never forget their great help so I must thank them a lot for saving my life.”

Now an accomplished seamstress within the walls of this same facility she has found some great purpose in her pastime.  A favorite of many of our Impact Teams, she has received an abundance of supplies needed to carry on her craft and occupy her time. “I met Mr. Eric who came to Sambodhi to help us.” She now teaches handicrafts to disabled at a local hospital.

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