Alli Brings Hope to the Hopeless

I really enjoyed my time in Cambodia! There are a lot of “key” moments but I can only pick one…

This is called an Impact Trip for a reason. Not only does it impact the hundreds that see this group every year, it has impacted me profoundly!

We went to a village that was built on a landfill, and until recently, was still operating as one. There is a woman in this village who has, nearly singlehandedly, created a bond with Hope For the Silent Voices (HFSV). HFSV has fed and provided supplies for many in this village once or twice per year.

This year, I was honored enough to be a part of it. The night before this event we packed 500 individual bags full of supplies and food. The day of is where everything came together for me.

That day, we packed the 500 individual bags into a taxi and drove that along with the 3 Tuk-Tuks full of people to this village. When we arrived, our Tuk-Tuks had to park a bit away because they get stuck in the sand and large rocks. We walked to the courtyard where this woman village leader lives. When we rounded into the courtyard, I saw hundreds of women and children sitting and squatting in narrow rows; all lined up to receive their necessities. My heart sank. I helped get the supplies from the taxi and a little girl, Nit, found me and looked up at me with her excited and wondering smile. I picked her up, acknowledging that I knew her and will never forget her.

Nit was on my hip all the while when we were introduced and all the way until we passed out the supplies to each sitting or squatting person.

Looking out to see all of those needy and appreciative faces was so overwhelming that my body responded with tears. I leaked for the love I felt for those people. I didn’t feel sorry for them. I felt their humble and loving presence. Something that I will never be able to fully explain but also something I will never forget.

I am truly blessed to have known them!

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